Personal Secrets

Personal Secrets - program for smartphones and tablets with Android ™

Program Personal Secrets is intended for storing of the sensitive personal information to prevent another person to obtain them.
The files (Lists) containing these information are stored as encrypted and can be opened only by the user who knows password for this file.
Lists can be safely backed up on the user's cloud or on the SD memory card and can be restored in the case of the necessity.

Download demo version of the Personal Secrets

Full functional program is available on Google Play

How to use this program

Please read carefully License Agreement and Limited Warranty of this program before use.

Personal Secrets

The Lists are available in the first window on the top of the menu.

Personal Secrets

Default Lists "License Agreement and Limited Warranty" and" How to use this program" can be opened without password.
Lists created by the user can be opened with the password only.

Personal Secrets

How to create a new List?
1 - Hit on the first windows of the menu, clear it and enter the name of the new List (for example "Login and passwords", "Credit cards", etc.).
2 - Hit on the second window for password and enter password for this List.
3 - enter data in the space below menu and save.

How to create password for the new List?
1 - Each List may have unique password or all Lists may have the same password.
2 - Password must be sufficiently long to have information stored safely.
3 - Password must be easy memorize able for the user, but difficult to guess for another person. It is recommended to use short expressions as password regarding to the user live history, for example mother maiden name and her birth date, the name of the first teacher and school year, model and number of the user's\ first car, or similar.
4 - The length of the password is not limited and all characters of the keyboard could be used.
5 - The longer password - the safer, the harder to guess.

How to save List?
If button for the saving is not enabled hit on the second window with the password and save.

How to open List?
Select the required List in the first window, insert the proper password in the second window, and open.

How to delete the List?
Open List as above and delete.

How to change password?
Rewrite password in the second window, hit on the window with information and save.

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